Programs and Prices

“Preserving a naturalistic place where groups and individuals can reconnect with a simpler life and time, in the serenity of God’s creation: a place for people to enjoy the beauty, experience the peace, build relationships, pray together, experience silence, and live simply.”

Camp Maria Retreat Center offers limited Private Retreat opportunities. All retreats should reflect the mission of our ministry. Reservations must be made no later than 14 days prior to the retreat. Payment for private retreats must be received 10 days prior to arrival.


Use of Facilities


Overnight Group Retreats

Facilities for youth groups, school groups, confirmation classes, family groups, women and men’s groups, and special-needs groups to hold their overnight retreat programs in a peaceful environment apart from their everyday world.

Group Day Retreats

Whole day retreats using our meeting facilities, outdoor area, and dining lodge.

Summer Camps

Excellent facilities for summer camps, including wheelchair accessible pier and pool.


An ideal location for day and overnight conferences with a variety of meeting spaces and breakout rooms.

Private and Small Group Retreats

Hold your private retreat or small group retreat (up to 10 people) in our Osprey Retreat House. Private Retreats must book and pay one month in advance.