Welcome to fall!  This past spring/summer has been a difficult time for most of us.  We’ve experienced stay at home orders, shuttering of educational institutions, closures of restaurants and an interruption in our daily routines.   Isn’t it time to come back to a place where you are at one with nature, in a peaceful and safe COVID compliant environment for you, your family, and business associates?  Consider Camp Maria Retreat Center.  

We have instituted the following practices and procedures to help ensure your safety while at Camp Maria while allowing for exploration of the vast grounds and an opportunity for rest and refreshment:

  • Sanitization stations in all public buildings.
  • Increased sanitization of high touch point areas. 
  • Removal of personal items that would cause possible exposure (i.e., bedding, pillows, blankets). We now operate in a “bring your own” personal items model.
  • Reminders in all public spaces to practice social distancing and when this is not possible, to ensure masks are worn.
  • Reminders in the dining lodge to promote social distancing such as placards on the floor and reserved seating for “family pods”. Use of masks required when moving around the dining lodge. 
  • The use of disposable plates, cups, and plastic utensils. Individual packaging for condiments, and drinks are pre-poured to help limit possible “points of multiple touch”. 
  • Reminders to retreat leaders to schedule as many outdoor activities as possible in small groups. 
  • Each family will sign a memorandum of understanding of the acknowledgement and acceptance and their willingness to adhere to the guidelines as stated.  

We’d like to see your family groups, day retreaters and business associates for team building and enrichment activities come to spend their time at Camp Maria Retreat Center.  Please contact us at (301) 475-8330 or reservations.campmaria@gmail.com to check for date availability.  We are ready for you… are you ready for a getaway?